Buggin’ Out

If you thought I died, I didn’t. After a month in Europe, I took a week off and then I hit that adult life full-force. Since we spoke last, I got a real job, my own place and a dog. I’m going to address right away what you’re thinking: I sold out to the exact kind of life path I preached against at the beginning of this. Calm down, guys, those Bills, Bills, Bills don’t pay themselves (*hint* I do). There will be plenty of travel done this year, including Iceland, Peru, Colombia and possibly Uganda, so stay tuned for that.

Wistful Memory #1: That one time I stood on the freaking Great Wall of China

What I really wanted to talk about, though, is the pain in my ass from that stupid travel bug that bites me every time I stay put for too long. If you’re here, you probably have one eating away at your soul right now. Travel bugs are nasty little critters and when they strike, all you really want to do is stab them and deep-fry them like you see in the featured photo up there (I took that photo in China 3 years ago for those of you who are curious).

Wistful Memory #2: That time I straddled the freaking Equator

This post might seem a little bit anti-climactic, but I don’t have any world-shattering advice on this one. When it bites, I usually just stare at flight deals and stalk my past trips on Instagram, reminiscing about crepes in France and goulash in Hungary. So I’m going to reminisce with you all, and then I want you to do the same. Let’s wallow in unison. Tell me your stories. I want to hear you all brag. You’re awesome and you have stories to tell. Let’s hear them. Leave them here, feel that therapeutic rush of letting go and get ready for the travel year ahead!

Wistful Memory #3: That time I put on this stupid freaking hat and selfied with Machu Picchu

Bye, Bye, Bye,



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